Robby Romero

It’s been 21 years since Robby Romero’s groundbreaking videos for MTV and VH1 combined music and activism using art as a tool for social change, but last November, during Native American Heritage Month, it seemed Music media had finally caught up with Romero, who has always been way ahead of the curve.

A new series premiered on MTV2, rebel music focuses on a grassroots movement of children around the world trying to change their circumstances through music. In November, MTV2 focused on Native American youth. Romero’s influence has finally begun to impact the way Mainstream Music Media is responding to the Zeitgeist.

A long time tireless campaigner for change through the arts, Robby has so much more to smile about these days. His young protégé and ambassador for his Native Children’s Survival Foundation, Ta’kaiya Blaney, appears in the upcoming HBO series. saving my tomorrow which airs on Monday, December 15 at 7 pm EST.

Perhaps even more importantly, Robby’s beautiful daughter, Dakota Romero, who has shared the stage and traveled the world with her father since she was a child, has stepped up to the plate. The video of her single. La Llorona will be available exclusively on iTunes in 2015. Dakota is a living testament to her father’s working life and his dream of a better future for all of our children.

Robby Romero and Robert Mirabal will perform together at the Taos Community Auditorium on December 19. This has been a long-awaited annual event for Mirabal, but this year, instead of going solo, his Christmas Concert will feature his and Robby Romero’s band, Iron Horse.

Next weekend we will profile Robert Mirabal solo here at youaoStyle and giving away another autographed Iron Horse CD the following week, so please stay with us.

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Photograph of Robby Romero in Taos Pueblo by Rima Krisst

Photographs of Robby and his daughter Dakota at the River by Bill Curry

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