Project Runway’s Patricia Michaels

Patricia Michaels became a household name across America when she appeared (and came in second place) on the Emmy Award-winning second season of Project Runway.

Pat, as we know her here in Taos, has not rested on her laurels (this stone has not collected mold). Christmas Eve celebrations in Taos Pueblo.

On November 12 of this year, during Native American Heritage Month, Patricia received an Arts and Design Award from the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in New York. When we visited her studio last week, she was on top of her cutting table, appropriately surrounded by scraps of cloth and haberdashery.

Although much has changed in Patricia’s life since Project Runway launched her into the national spotlight, garnering her acclaim and multiple awards, she works in the same studio, follows her traditional ways, and has kept her sense of humor and humility intact.

Bill Curry, who took all the photos here, surprised Pat last year by bringing internationally acclaimed designer Esteban Cortazar to his studio. Bill laughs as he remembers their encounter. “I met Esteban at the airport to take him to Taos and on the way I also picked up some of Pat’s clothes from her in Santa Fe that I had arranged to leave with her.”

“I hadn’t told Estaban where we were going and asked if he would mind taking a few of them, but when we walked in none of them missed a beat!”

“They were recognizing Pat from Project Runway and she recognized him, it was really a wonderful moment.”

That moment, captured through Bill’s lens, is at the top of this post.

There is so much to tell about Patricia, it would take a book and not a blog, but we will have another post about her here on stylotao Coming Soon.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on Pat’s stunning designs worn by iconic model Joan Severance, and visit her site linked below. Her beautiful scarves are the perfect Christmas gift!

Photographs of Patricia Michaels, Estaban Cortazar and Joan Severance by Bill Curry



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